About The Trials

What Is Opti-K®?

Imagine the possibility of reading clearly without the need for glasses or contact lenses!

Now you can.

Unlike other laser vision correction procedures, Opti-K® offers a non-invasive approach developed to overcome presbyopia and correct farsightedness in adults age 40 and over.

The Opti-K® procedure is simple and quick. The immediate difference in your ability to see both distant and near objects more clearly will seem nothing short of amazing.

You may even feel younger with your rejuvenated vision.

Although the Opti-K® procedure provides only temporary vision improvement (lasting an average of two years), eyeglass prescriptions for patients over age 40 are only temporary since patients experience a progressively increasing amount of presbyopia as they age. Many patients over age 40 also experience a shift in distance vision toward increasing farsightedness as they age. The Opti-K® procedure can be used repeatedly to improve vision as the patient ages.