Getting Around

There are several options to help you get around each island in The Bahamas, and to help you hop from island to island. Rental cars, buses and taxis are the most common modes of transportation. Check out the “Getting Around” section to find transportation for the particular island you are visiting.

By Air

There are several options, both by charter and by scheduled air, to help you move from one island to the next. Find a complete listing of the companies that provide island hopping in the “Private Flying” section of Bahamas Directory.

By Boat


Ferries are a common mode of transportation in The Bahamas for locals and travelers. The Fast Ferry service is designed to help you island hop between designated main islands, while local ferries serve as water taxis that take you and locals to and from neighboring cays of a main island.


Inter-island mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrips to/from all islands. The mailboats are a leisurely way to get around. Remember, these mailboats run on Bahamas time, so they're a great way to slow down to the steady rhythm of the islands.

Private Boat

If you came to the islands on your own boat you are more than welcome and encouraged to explore our archipelago by sea. There are several places on each island that offer fully functioning slips, as well as the numerous places surrounding the islands to drop anchor and just be.

By Car and Scooter

When taking to the roads in The Islands Of The Bahamas, there’s one important thing to remember: We drive on the left-hand side of the road.

By Bus and Taxi

Jitney Bus

Public transportation service (referred to as jitneys) is available on several of the major islands, such as Nassau/Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island.


You can call a taxi or flag one down on the street in the major islands. Taxi stands are also conveniently placed at most hotels and at airports. Although metered rates vary by island, they are reasonable and are fixed by law.

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